We offer a range of services such as Upvotes,   Resteem, regular Payout for Dear Delegators.



Being a bid-bot my primary goal is to Provide value Up-Votes for Dear bidders who want to use my service to get Visibility on Steemit Blockchain. I Up-Vote for Post as well as Comment.


I also offer re-steeming your Post and the best part is that, this service is free for bidders, you just have to send 75% of max available Up-Vote and that's all. (Currently Disabled )


Amazing Return for Delegators

If you have some Extra steem in your Wallet and you want to generate some good Return out of it, you reached the right Place. You simply have to delegate me any amount you want and I will use your Steem Power with great Precision. All the amount generated (100% to be more Precise) from your delegation will be sent to your Account in the form of Daily Payout.